Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Quilt

A good friend had a new baby girl in December. Last summer, on a business trip to California, I bought the novelty fabrics for her baby quilt... For this quilt my thought was to do the Exquisite quilt block. The corner triangles are from two fabrics, it was difficult to choose, the initial thought was to use primary colours but couldn't find what I wanted, so found a black fabric with letters on it then looked for a light fabric to contrast... ended up with a cream fabric with mice and cheese.

Trying to decide about borders for the quilt... Here is the top,
I really like the diagonal lines from the placement of the blocks.

First option. I really like the Butterfly print, and since the quilt is for a baby girl think it makes it a bit more feminine .

And the second option. The same two fabrics are used but reversed.