Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Anna and Debs - April 3

It is a rainy day here in Vancouver. Anna had her pain meds a short time ago, her urinary catheter cleaned and got outside to use the bathroom. That is the excitement for us today.

I realized shortly before 10 that a weekly work meeting was starting shortly and I had nothing else to do until 11. So rather than play on the iPod (there is only so long that you can play on a mobile device before it gets tiring) why not attend the meeting and keep up to date... Cell phone lost battery after 1.5 hours but I needed to tend to Anna and pretty sure things were wrapping up at that time.

Running into the normal issues after trauma and/or surgery: Not interested in eating and problems moving the bowels. Cooked chicken is helping to tempt Anna to eat, she is getting good at picking out the chicken around her kibble the monkey. Constipation is the side affect of the pain killer she is taking, the documentation recommends cooked pumpkin or sweet potato to aid in softening the stool naturally. Interesting as that is the same advice I received when I commented to my vet that her bowel movements were quite loose. The pumpkin is doing the trick and we have had action each time I took her out today, to my relief and I am certain to hers as well.

Here she is resting during the meeting. The vet clinic have loaned us a pretty purple harness to attach her urine bag to so she can move around on her own. Otherwise we would have to follow her around holding the bag... which was what we did Sunday when we had her here. It is MUCH more convenient to not have to hold the bag, especially since Christine is unable to be here today and tomorrow because of school commitments. Sunday I was quite uncertain when they sent me home with her... similar to heading home with a new baby, but we are settling in to a routine and all is working out well.

Not sure what meds she will be on following her appointment on Wednesday. Pretty likely she will still be on pain killers as she is definitely uncomfortable if she doesn't get them on an 8 hour schedule. She is also on anti-nausea meds, which could be to control a side affect of the pain killers.

Well, have some on-line training to dig into, so will send this off to the hallowed internet and see where it lands.

Many, many thanks for the healing thoughts and prayers for Anna girl. She is one tough cookie, and I love her so much, as I know many who know her do as well.

Debs and Anna