Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anna update April 15

We have had a great progress over the last few days. So nice to see.

Friday had a follow up appointment with our vet. She knew we were in as a follow up to hospitalization due to a kidney infection, but was surprised that Anna was also the one who was in an accident with a car. The vet was pleased with how she looked, her progress with eating, urination and bowel movements plus a normal temperature. Also Anna wagged her tail while there which the vet indicated is a very good sign that she won't lose her tail (cautiously optimistic!!!). She cautioned that the two weeks of antibiotics should be extended by another 3 weeks to ensure that the infection is truly gone, so we will be taking in a number of urine samples to be tested and extending her course of antibiotics.

Started mixing in Anna's regular food with the home made (chicken, rice and chicken broth) and she is happily gobbling it all down. She has lost about 1.5 kg (a little over 3 lbs) so is very slim now. Need to work on getting her back up to her normal weight.

We have an appointment to return to the vet clinic in Vancouver so they can ultrasound her kidneys and the mass by her spine near the fracture site. The mass is believed to be a hematoma, but when Anna was released from the hospital last week neither had reduced in size as the vets had expected. So we will have the specialists in Vancouver check them out.

Since Thursday Anna has been getting into her toy basket and starting to play with her toys. Was on Skype with my parents on Friday with the camera on Anna... she went into her toy box, got out a ball and proceeded to play with it in front of us. My parents were overjoyed to see this!

We are gradually working on longer walks daily. Anna would probably go for hours if I let her, but we have kept the initial walks to a few blocks and will increase our wanders daily. She met her best buddy on one of our walks and they so wanted to play and rough-house. Still have to keep her quiet so the fracture can heal correctly, that is probably going to be difficult as she is feeling better and ready to start jumping and playing as she did before the accident.

Anna has started ringing the bell at the front door when she needs to get out to use the washroom. I trained her to so this a few months after getting her as she had no clear signal that she needed to get out and I didn't enjoy cleaning up puddles on the carpets. So she has started this again, very promising sign as it is a clear indicator that she is feeling the need to urinate!

Time to get out for a wander with the pup... we both need some fresh air!


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