Friday, April 20, 2012

Anna - April 20 doing well

We are doing well with Anna's recovery. She is getting back to her normal behaviours and feeling so much better. Also back to eating her dog food, so meal time is less cumbersome if we aren't at home when she needs to be fed. Currently feeding her three times a day, where she previously was fed twice a day. She has to put on some weight, so I am not rushing to get her back to twice a day until she has gained back some of the weight she has lost.

When we meet dogs on our walk she wants to say hi and play. She can't understand why I won't let her and she has to sit :-(.

There has been a big change in the movement of her tail since we left Vancouver, and even since she was released from hospital in Victoria. Looking very promising that she will not lose it. Yeah!!!

I have had to be in the office two days this week, so Anna of course has joined me. She is so comfortable coming up the elevator now. A HUGE change since we moved to this office space in December... then she was a quivering blob of jello traveling in the elevator.

Looking forward to a nice, relatively dry weekend so I can get in lots of short walks with my Anna pup.



3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Yeah, Anna and big hugs for you, Debs for taking such wonderful care of her.
The cats continue to send purrayers.

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Just checking to see how Anna is doing...Need an update, please!
Snuggles from the cats and hugs from me,
Anna and the cats