Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Anna - April 4

Anna's catheter has been removed and she urinated successfully!!! YEAH!!! So we can plan on heading back to Victoria.

The neurologist indicated today that there was no change in the tail or the second side of the bladder. He is optimistic that there will be improvement with the bladder, seemed less so with the tail, but indicated that improvement is possible. There is a time threshold where further improvement may occur within 4-6 weeks of the incident, from my understanding in this situation the myelin sheath which allows the nerve impulse to conduct is damaged but will regenerate in 4-6 weeks. The myelin sheath can be thought of as a straw, when it is whole you are able to move liquid through it, but when there is a hole in the straw liquid does not move through.

Anna hadn't been interested in eating her food, so we have been cooking chicken to mix with her regular food to keep her eating. Last night when Christine was feeding her dog Darwin, Anna cleaned up some of his dry food from the floor... So I took advantage of this and got her dry food into a bowl for her which she devoured!!! Nice to see!

Have to contact our vet and make an appointment with them so they can get up to date on Anna's situation. Notified the vet here about our family vet, so they should get some documentation about what happened and care provided.

It has been a hectic week, ready to be home and have a few days down time. Thankfully this is a long weekend so we can hang out at home and relax/recooperate.

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the well wishes and prayers sent out for Anna's recovery. It has been pretty amazing the advances she has made in just a few days. She is loved by so many people!


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Wendy said...

I am so happy to hear that! I had a feeling that once you got there, she would start getting better fast! Love is such a great medicine!!!

Yippie for pee-pees and eating normally!