Monday, April 02, 2012

Anna update Apr 2 - good news

The news from the neurologist today was good! We have been on a roller coaster ride for almost a week, and finally some definitive good news. I have been so cautious about getting my hopes up based on what I was hearing and then told once I arrived here in Vancouver. Now I can finally hope for a mostly normal life with my baby girl once again (granted my life is no where near normal ;-) ).

In discussions with the neurologist he explained what happened in the accident, her tail was run over as she was attempting to run in the opposite direction, thus a significant yank on the tail. This yank displaced the sacrum and also affected the nerves in that area of the body. There is a very good chance that her tail will have to be amputated as it is unclear whether the nerves for it will recover, the neurologist did not notice any response at the base of the tail when he examined it today although the vet tech had indicated she had noticed a response previously. If the tail has to be amputated that that is a small thing to have to have done compared to some of the other potential issues that can result from this type of accident.

The more pressing nerves that can be, and were affected, are to the bowels and bladder. A single nerve controls the bowels, and has made a partial recovery. She has been having controlled bowel movements since Saturday, so the prognosis is looking very good for her bowel control.

To the bladder is another pair of nerves. One to each side of the bladder and they work together to expel urine from the bladder during urination. The neurologist indicated that one side is definitely functional, during today's examination he did not notice a response on the other side although the vet tech had indicated she had noticed previously the other side was also responding. Another wait and see, but what this should mean is that she will be able to urinate, just may not be able to completely vacate the bladder. If this is the case she will be prone to urinary track infections.

All in all a HUGELY different picture from what we were seeing about a week ago. Not out of the woods yet, but looking so much more promising.

They released Anna from the hospital on Sunday late morning, we spent the afternoon on the deck in the sun. Back for the evaluation today and are back at Christine's place again.

On Wednesday we return and they plan to remove the urinary catheter. The hope is that she will be able to urinate on her own when the catheter has been removed.

Still up in the air when I will be returning to Victoria. Should have a better idea on Wednesday.

Anna and Darwin, my sisters dog, are curled up on dog beds at my feet. Such a great sight to see!

Hoping for a decent night sleep tonight. Around getting up every 4 hours to give my baby meds. Last night the two hours before she was to have her pain meds she was getting restless, so I got down on the floor and cuddled with her. Not especially comfortable for me, but at this point she is the important one.

Lots of puppy cuddles from Anna.

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3 kats and a kwiltr said...

continuing purrayers from the cats and I'll keep adding does sound better than the first and I'll keep hoping for continued improvements.
Lots of hugs for both of you,