Sunday, April 01, 2012


For some of you this will be new, and I appologize for missing notifying you earlier!

Anna has been staying with my sister since Saturday March 24th. On the Tuesday Anna escaped the house and ran on to the busy road, she was struck by a car. Christine rushed her to the local vet and they sent them to a 24 hour emergency clinic. After X-rays it was determined that her sacrum has been displaced and there is a pelvic fracture (the fracture is in a place where they do not normally do anything to set it). The sacrum is a bone at the end of the spine just before the tail, in the same area are the nerves which control the bladder, bowels and tail. All indications were that the nerve had been severed or crushed. The vets indicated that the prognosis wasn't promising and dogs with this injury don't generally regain control of the bowels or bladder, and the tail would likely have to be amputated.

I arrived in Vancouver Saturday March 31st and with trepidation got to see her for the first time since the accident. Shortly after arriving the vet came by to talk and give us an update. He indicated that on his examination of her there was some anal tone, which there was none on examination following the accident and the first few days. From speaking with a family friend who is a vet he indicated that without anal tone she would definately have incontinent bowels.

After the vet indicated they noticed her anal tone he indicated it was a sign for the neurologist and surgeon to re-evaluate her on Monday morning. We are VERY cautiously optimistic about the prognosis.

We thank everyone for sending healing thoughts and prayers! Please keep the healing thoughts and prayers going for my sweet girl.


Franca said...

Deb's...I'm hoping for the best outcome possible for your sweet puppy, Anna.

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

You know that we are all hoping for your sweet Anna's recovery. Taz, Runt and Charles continue their purrayers.

Anna in IL

Terri said...

Sending it out to the universe that today brings you and puppy Anna great news.
lots of hugs

Nann said...

Debs, I hope there will be positive news for hard it is to stand by while a loved one (animal or human) hurts so badly.

Janet said...

Hoping for a good outcome. Hugs, Janet

Squeeg said...

Debs. My prayers are with you both...Be strong for Anna.

Sheila said...

Sheila aka Squeeg